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    Jay. 15. Hiyori Enthusiast.
    Protect Yukine + Seto at all cost.

    Anyways this is just a dumb multifandom blog. Sometimes I try to make graphics but ends up failing miserably. Not spoiler free!

    Fushimi Saruhiko in K Days of Blue 

    none of the generation of miracles started off as extraordinary players. However, aomine-kun bloomed sooner and more suddenly than the rest of us. 


    here, have an idol mary to celebrate mekakucity actors!!

    ai always reminded me of mary because they’re both really fluffy so i spent 2 days making this.

    traced from here!!

    Anonymous: 37(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/35bbffb47d1161bd02cfbc4d06aba203/tumblr_n4e2r38axJ1qjov86o2_500(.)gif ~~ What is the name of this anime?

    K Project! or just K

    #anon #r


    yatamisakisdomyoujis’ follow tuesday

    hello guys, i just changed my url yesterday and i hope i didn’t creep you out by posting this. i don’t usually do this but i just hit 500+ followers on this blog some times ago and i just want to make an appreciation post for those who made my day everyday (most of u are k project fandom or follow k project) and my precious followers ;w; i follow about 122 amazing blogs but here some blogs that i love or fav >//<

    thank you very much and have a nice day!


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    Team Fairy Tail

    Happy birthday BEAUTIFUL QUEEN ♥ 28/03/2014
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